Atlas Pacific supplies Zamak 2, 3, 5, and 7. Zamak is a zinc alloy that contains aluminum, magnesium, and copper. Due to zinc's high flowability and low melting temperature, Zamak is easier to produce than other alloys. Atlas Pacific supplies Zamak in ingot form as well as Zinc anodes in ball form, bar form, and custom shapes.

Zinc Alloy NameAluminum
Iron max
(Fe max)
Lead max
(Pb max)
Cadmium max
(Cd max)
Tin max
(Sn max)
ZAMAK 23.90-4.302.7-3.30.025-0.0500.0350.0040.0030.0015 Balance
ZAMAK 33.90-4.300.10 max0.03-0.060.0350.0040.0030.0015 Balance
ZAMAK 3 LOW MAG3.90-4.300.10.015-0.020.0350.0040.0030.0015 Balance
ZAMAK 53.90-4.300.70-1.10.03-0.060.0350.0040.0030.0015 Balance
ZAMAK 73.90-4.300.10 max0.01-0.020.0750.0030.0020.0010.005-0.02Balance
ZAMAK 88.2-8.80.90-1.30.02-0.030.0350.0050.0050.002 Balance
ZAMAK 1210.8-11.50.5-1.20.02- Balance
BRIGHTNER9.0-11.00.05 Balance
BRIGHTNER 5%4.8-5.200.03 0.0750.030.0030.003 Balance
ZINC BALLS AND BARS        99.99