Biwalite™ C83470 a new Environmentally Friendly No Lead, Low Lead, Lead Free Alloy


Potable water systems, pumps, impellers, corrosion resistant applications.

The demand for lead free alloys is increasing around the world. However, until recently the properties of alloys that contain lead have been difficult to produce using different chemical formulations that do not contain lead. Certain alloys have been used (C89833, C89836) that get closer to the characteristics of leaded alloys without lead, but many of these use rare earth elements that make the alloys expensive, and due to uncertain availability make using the alloy in the future uncertain. In addition, due to the rare earth elements they have environmental issues themselves, and their use makes recycling difficult. In certain applications other lead free alloys (C87800, C87610, C90300), that have been used instead of traditional leaded alloys can have problems with high failure rates of castings as well as problems with machining.

These problems have been solved with a new lead free copper alloy called BiwaliteTM C83470. The designation is CDA C83470. The alloy is composed primarily of copper, tin and zinc and it has physical characteristics that are very close to traditional leaded red brass C83600. Some of the advantages of using BiwaliteTM are:

- It has the same or better abrasion resistance, cutting performance, and can be used at the same operating pressures as C83600
- It uses no rare earth elements
- It has good flow characteristics, and low porosity
- It has a high yield
- It is recyclable
- It can be used for sand castings, continuous castings and centrifugal castings
- It has excellent plating and brazing characteristics

Ingot number: C83470
Copper (Cu): 90.0-96.0
Tin (Sn): 3.0-5.0
Lead (Pb): 0.09 max
Zinc (Zn): 1.0-3.0
Iron (Fe): 0.50 max
Antimony (Sb): 0.20 max
Arsenic (As):
Nickel (NI): 1.0 max
Sulfer(S): 0.20 0.6
Phosphorus: 0.10 max
Aluminum: 0.01 max
Silicon: 0.01 max

More information can be found at the Copper Development Association (CDA) website